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ATP Financial was built on a foundation of trust and transparency with a clear mission to always provide quality service at an affordable cost.

My father started ATP decades ago and was truly a man of the people. He ran his business the same way he raised his family, with care, compassion, and loyalty.  His down to earth nature transformed business relationships into long lasting friendships. As a young girl, I began to learn about the tax industry, but more importantly, I was learning about business, about how to relate to people, how to read people.  I grew up having conversations about business tax liabilities, forms and publications and depreciation schedules. But what I enjoyed the most was the client stories, learning the backgrounds of these hard-working people and the relationships that were formed over coffee and 1040s. 

We would often sit and talk about the day that I would take over and he could retire, gladly knowing that his many years invested were in good hands.  That the business that he built to support his family will be the business that I help to support my own. That his work would live on. Though the unexpected death of my father changed the trajectory, it didn’t change the ultimate result of taking over.  Thankfully, the foundation of ATP, like my father, was solid and strong.  And so, the building began, which for a girl who just lost her father, was quite difficult.  But, however trying the path, I took each step with conviction and gratitude.

I am thrilled to say that the same genuine understanding that the original owner of ATP had provided for his clients has lived on through his legacy. I am forever grateful for my father for showing me the ways of entrepreneurship without ever losing sight of the most important aspect; to always live and work with integrity and to treat everyone with the same respect and courtesy that you expect in return.


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